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It's not just what you say -- it's how you say it, when you say it, where you say it, to whom you say it and even the medium you employ to say it. Will your messages resonate better in a live presentation, a press statement, a video, your own website, a social media website, a newspaper or magazine article, a television or radio interview? How do you identify the right audience, target the appropriate news outlets, create appealing web content, produce compelling video and audio assets? And how do you devise a comprehensive communications strategy that successfully gets your story to the people you want to hear it?

At Perone Communications & Consulting, we assess a client's public relations and communications needs, create comprehensive strategies for meeting those needs and then execute those strategies -- independently, or in partnership with a client's existing communications staff.

Whether it's managing a crisis, reaching out to journalists and policymakers, launching a new product or advocacy campaign or creating video or web content, Perone Communications provides expert performance and advice for achieving your goals -- helping you stay out front in the race to succeed.

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